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Introduced in 1993 this programme is the first point of contact for children each week-day afternoon as they finish school. This is a FAS sponsored employment initiative which allows the youth club to employ up to Seventeen part-time employees for up to 19.5 hours per week. There is a strict criteria laid down by FAS for potential employees which involves assessment of individual employment status as well as social protection entitlements. These employees would be categorised as being long term unemployed and would receive training to enhance their prospects of returning to the work force. The role of the Community employment participant revolves around the supervision of club members and the running of a number of different sections providing a range of activities to children. The project Caters for up to 120 children and young people per day between the ages of Seven up to early Twenty years of age. During this programme our lunch club would prepare up to Eighty 80 hot meals per day for the Children taking part; the Programme also includes the following activities;

  • Sports Coaching, Health and Fitness Education.
  • Catering, Home Economics, and Nutritional Education.
  • Drama, Communication and theatre pursuits.
  • Computer Literacy and Word Processing Skills.
  • Arts and Crafts and Play Related Activity
  • Ceramics Classes
  • School Support and Homework club

Times & age groups

3:00pm-4:45pm Mon to Fri (Junior age group) 7-11 year olds

5:00pm-7:00pm Mon to Fri (Inter & Senior age groups) 12-20 years of age

For further information on our after schools programme please contact our Community Employment supervisor Gillian Collins at 01-8550282.