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The year 2018 will see the BYC reaching its 100th anniversary as a critical resource for the young people of Dublin’s north inner city, as well as an integral part of the youth and community development services in the area. BYC has continually adapted its range of services in response to the changing needs of the community.

From its earliest days, working to address poverty and deprivation amongst young newspaper sellers to more recent times with targeted programmes provided in sports, youth theatre and the arts, BYC has endeavoured to be at the forefront of best practice in youth work.

A recent evaluation of BYC pointed to the positive outcomes from our services for young people, highlighting the high demand on BYC’s services and the need for greater statutory resourcing of the youth work teams.

As BYC approaches its centenary year, the Executive Committee – in consultation with key stakeholders – have shaped an action plan for the next chapter in the club’s development. Over a twelve month period, the Executive Committee has been reflecting on the role of the youth club, its practice and the direction to move in the years to 2018 and beyond. This exercise in strategic thinking, review and planning has been extended to include input from the wider youth club base of volunteers and supporters, and from the statutory and sectoral viewpoints.

The consultation process has allowed BYC to re-examine its role in Dublin’s North East Inner City community and renew its commitment to the range of target groups that it works with on a day to day basis. It has also allowed us to clearly situate our work within evolving national youth work policy.

The outcome of this process is this ambitious yet practical strategy that outlines our vision and priorities for the coming five years. It is accompanied by an outcomes map that summarises our objectives, indicators and key areas of work.